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"I bought the Saga of the Titanic for my uncle who is a titanic enthusist. I liked it so much that I purchased one for my office."

- Karyn DeVenney
Newark, DE

"I am a graphic artist from Manayunk Pennsylvania and I just think that the Saga of the Titanic artwork and poem is just great. I've been a Titanic Enthusist since I was in the 12th grade and did a report on the Titanic. The painting and poem tells the compelling, tragic story of the Titanic."

- Caren Burgermeister
Manayunk, PA

"I was a chief in the United States Navy aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. I have always been fascinated with anything nautical. When I saw and read the Saga of the Titanic it became a must have for me."

- John Lliera
Honolulu, HI

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